Night Ambulance Services

Ambulances that are well equipped and

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manned by trained personnel –indeed a veritable ‘Hospital on Wheels’.

Free Health Camps

As a part of our efforts to make basic healthcare accessible for all, free health camps providing succor to people.

Quick Response Emergency Services

Our quick safety response contributes to the success in preparing for, responding to, and recovering from any safety incident.

Our Approach

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Our Story

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Chairman’s Message

Today is his 25th Death anniversary and I was thinking should I write or just wait another year if any of his associates, human rights activists whom he groomed, political leadership of all sides and many others write about him, which unfortunately majority of them never did.  Since 1992 I have not seen a single write up by any one of them about him on his birth or death anniversary. They were the same people who on 15th December, 1992 declared Jawahar Nagar as Wanchoo Nagar but never visited his house on his death anniversary. I would thank the auto rickshaw owners who still named the auto stand, Jawahar nagar as Wanchoo stand till 2004. We run a Trust in his name called H.N.Wanchoo Trust which at present is running ambulance service in various districts. Our focus is to provide better emergency healthcare and literacy in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. On the eve of 25th Death anniversary of H.N.Wanchoo, we are observing 2017-18 as a “Year of Humanity” in his memory where in many programs will be organised in his name.